Szachy D&D w rzeczywistości wirtualnej

 Developer rzeczywistości wirtualnej Experiment 7 ogłosił, że Dungeon Chess ™  zostały wydane na Oculus Rift i niedługo pojawią się również na Samsung Gear VR. 
Dungeon Chess, jest pierwszym tytułem opracowanym przez Experiment 7 we współpracy z Wizard of the Coast.

Dungeon Chess jest dostępny na Oculus Rift za 9,99 USD i wkrótce na Samsung Gear VR za 4,99 USD.

“As huge D&D fans ourselves, it was a dream come true to be able to work on Dungeon Chess," said Co-founder and Creative Director of Experiment 7, Geoffrey Zatkin. "We've created what we believe is a killer VR game worthy of D&D enthusiasts, chess fans and the VR community’s attention. We can’t wait to do the same for our next VR project with Wizards of the Coast.”

“Combining the power of storytelling in Dungeons & Dragons with virtual reality is really fascinating, and we're excited to take this first step with Experiment 7 and Dungeon Chess,” said Nathan Stewart, Brand Director for D&D. “As with all of our partners, we've been working closely with their development team to make sure the beholders, dragons and mindflayers are all distinctly D&D-flavored and we think that hard work paid off. I can't wait to see the Yawning Portal come to life in virtual reality!”

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