n.5/2016 G|A|M|E oraz International Journal of Role-playing issues 6 & 7

Ukazały się nowe numery ludologicznych periodyków: G|A|M|E – n. 5/2016 oraz International Journal of Role-playing issues 6 & 7. Poniżej spisy treści i odnośniki do samych opracowań.

Vol. 1, 2016 – Journal (peer-reviewed)
G. Caruso, R. Fassone, G. Ferri, S. Gualeni, M. Salvador – Games on Games. Game design as critical reflexive practice.

  • S. Gualeni – Self-reflexive Videogames: Observations and Corollaries on Virtual Worlds as Philosophical Artifacts
  • P. Barr – Critical Jostling
  • R.J.S. Sloan – Nostalgia Videogames as Playable Game Criticism
  • B. Schrank – Bust A Cup: Reclaiming Risk in Play
  • D. Cox, M. Beale -NorthPoint Courtesy Services Development and Design Summary
  • J. Micallef – Illusion Master: Extending Self-Presence and Challenging Immersion in and through Digital Games
  • E. Torner – The Self-Reflexive Tabletop Role-Playing Game

vol. 2, 2016 – Critical Notes (non peer-reviewed)

  • G. Alonge – P. Harrigan, M.G. Kirschenbaum (eds): Zones of Control. Perspectives on Wargaming
  • M. Salvador – A. Bossom, B. Dunning: Video Games. An Introduction to the Industry
  • G. Nencioni – F. Giordano, B. Perron (eds.): The Archives. Post Cinema and Video Game Between Memory and the Image of the Present

IJRP 6: Special Issue — Role-playing and Simulation in Education

  • Sarah Lynne Bowman, “Editorial”
  • Brodie Atwater, “We Need to Talk: A Literature Review of Debrief”
  • Sarah Lynne Bowman and Anne Standiford, “Enhancing Healthcare Simulations and Beyond: Immersion Theory and Practice”
  • Gabriel de los Angeles, “Scaffolding Role Playing: An Analysis of Role-playing Interactions with Non Role-players of All Ages”
  • Jason Cox, “Arts-Based Inquiry with Art Educators through American Freeform”
  • J. Tuomas Harviainen, “Physical Presence in Simulation: A Scratch at the Surface of Complexity”
  • Mikael Hellström, “Playing Political Science: Leveraging Game Design in the Post-Secondary Classroom”
  • Josh T. Jordan, “Simulation and Character Ownership in Secondary Dramatic Literature Education”
  • Graham MacLean, “One Way to Create Educational Games”
  • Evan Torner, “Teaching German Literature Through Larp: A Proposition”

IJRP 7: Special Issue — Living Games 2016

  • Evan Torner, “Editorial”
  • Ryan Blackstock, “Origin Stories: The Phenomenological Relationship Between Players and their Characters”
  • Tim Hutchings and Jason Giardino, “Foucault’s Heterotopias as Play Spaces”
  • Diana J. Leonard, Lewis & Clark College, “Conflict and Change: Testing a Life-cycle Derived Model of Larp Group Dynamics”
  • TiMar Long, “Character Creation Diversity in Gaming Art”
  • Samara Hayley Steele, “The Reality Code: Interpreting Aggregate LARP Rules as Code that Runs on Humans”
  • William J. White,  “Actual Play at the Forge: A Rhetorical Approach”

Adriano Borejko

Bloger od 2006 roku. Role playing games są moim hobby od trzydziestu lat, podobnie jak gry wideo. Moje teksty pojawiały się w magazynach hobbystycznych: Magia i Miecz, Portal, Kwarta; oraz serwisach internetowych m.in. Esensja, Histmag, Gadżetomania, Polygamia.

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