Kotaku: Wywiad z autorem Call of Cthulhu

Ed Grabianowski z australijskiej części Kotaku przeprowadził wywiad z Sandym Petersenem, współautorem gry fabularnej Zew Cthulhu (Call of Ctulhu).
Warto wspomnieć, że za kilkadziesiąt godzin kończy się zbiórka Petersena na Glorantha: The Gods War. Zbiórka odniosła dosyć duży sukces przewyższając pięciokrotnie wymaganą kwotę.

 "Call of Cthulhu did a lot of really innovative things, but to me the biggest was redefining role-playing so that investigation became central to every adventure. Could you talk a little about that aspect and making it work within the mechanical structure of the rules? Petersen: Most games up till then were combat-centric. Adventures centered on fighting. In the horror genre, the weakest conceivable monster is probably a cultist, who is, by definition, just as tough as an investigator (since they’re both humans). Something like a werewolf or ghost is fierce enough that a whole novel or movie can be plotted around just one. It was obvious that Call of Cthulhu needed a different focus beyond combat, so I zeroed in on investigation, which also fit Lovecraft’s characters and stories. I basically substituted investigation and research and uncovering of secrets for the combat."


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