Analog Studies Volume III, Issue V

Ukazał się nowy numer Analog Game Studies, sygnowany jako Volume III, Issue V. Warto zwrócić uwagę na książkę The Role-Playing Society (a właściwie jej recenzję w tym numerze).
Książka jest dostępna w internetowym sklepie Amazon (wersja na Kindle kosztuje około 16.48 GBP, natomiast paperback 21.47GBP).
W Analog Game Studies znalazły się trzy teksty:

Sean C. Duncan’s article “Mandatory Upgrades: The Evolving Mechanics and Theme of Android: Netrunner” examines the transmedia story world that the Fantasy Flight series of board and card games appears to be carefully constructing across multiple products. Duncan argues that, rather than coming in with a well-known intellectual property based on a film or TV series, the Android series secures customer loyalty through subtle story propositions that also help players learn the right rules and attitude toward the Android: Netrunner card game. We learn through a process of interpretation that, indeed, this card game contains more narrative than would appear at first blush.
Antonnet Johnson’s “Positionality and Performance: A Player’s Encounter with The Lost Tribes of Small World” engages a different societal narrative. Small World pre-frames The Lost Tribes, pieces already on the map when the warring races arrive, as doomed to inevitable destruction. Such a proposition mirrors broader societal fictions about indigenous populations inherited from colonial, patriarchal lineages. Johnson makes us aware that such an idealized encounter with these “Lost Tribes” creates tensions with the historical erasure of indigenous narratives and property claims.
Finally, Analog Game Studies is proud to share its first-ever book review, written by Steven Dashiell on the recently published collection The Role-Playing Society (McFarland, 2016).  Dashiell evaluates the collection’s ability to represent an interdisciplinary field and considers the merit of it’s work within a trajectory of related scholarship.
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