Tidbits 01.2016

Czyli styczeń z głowy.


  • Accessible Guide to RPG Layout In this guide, you’ll get an introduction to accessible layout techniques and best practices presented in a step-by-step, easy to read format. These tutorials take you through the process of preparing your manuscript for layout, the process of importing it, and creating PDFs with accessible features. We show you how to upload unwatermarked books to the leading RPG retail website, DriveThruRPG, and finish off with some additional layout and game design.
  • BattleTech: Turning Points: Epsilon Eridani Blake’s Blessed Avenging Angels In the wake of the Jihad and Devlin Stone’s creation of the Republic of the Sphere, the ancient Order of ComStar was transformed. Their once-proud Com Guards were disbanded, never to rise again. Gone were the robes, the religion, the chants­—and the Word of Blake. But deep within the shattered Order remained a secret outlasting the long decades of peace: the Com Guard reborn…and with it, hidden believers in the old ways of ComStar. In 3135, the secret of the Com Guard and their Blessed Order got out. With the Inner Sphere torn apart by the HPG Blackout, the reformed Com Guard found itself in an epic battle against the Republic of the Sphere, their very survival at stake.
  • Talislanta: Tales of the Savage Land (2016) *webcomic subscription* 
  • Mind's Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse Gamma Slice Playtest Rules
  • Dark Places of the Dominions 
  • Egyptian Adventures Aplenty – Shrine of Serpents available NOW!
  • Mines of Madness (Next)
  • Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor Sourcebook
  • Unearthed Arcana
  • The original 1985 release of ™ changed Dungeons & Dragons® forever by introducing new races, classes, magical items, and rules written by Gary Gygax. This new printing will appeal to nostalgic D&D® fans looking to add this classic to their collections. 
  • Karthador: Swashbuckling Science Fiction is a massive world of beauty, danger, drama, and horror.
  • RuneQuest 
  • Bringing the iconic RuneQuest 2nd edition rulebook back into print to kick-off the 50th Anniversary of Glorantha celebrations in 2016.
  • Dreams & Dystopias is a diceless roleplaying game that asks you to unlearn some of the things you know and ready yourself for a new kind of gaming experience. There are no dice and hardly any stats. Instead of dice, the system utilizes Chess mechanics. This free Alpha Test 1.9 release is packed full of optional rules, guidelines and ideas. Playtest it, find out what works, and maybe become part of the development of a new kind of roleplaying.
  • Symbaroum - Adventure Pack I
  • Green Ronin Publishing has announced a large slate of releases for 2016, including new books for Song of Ice and Fire RP, Dragon Age, and Fantasy AGE.
  • Traveller Core Rulebook
  • The Order Hermes. Published by Lion Rampant in 1990 for Ars Magica 2nd Edition, this is the sourcebook that defined and expanded the Order of Hermes, describing a fantastic society of wizards. The mysteries of apprenticeship, the ambitions of potent magicians, their views of "lesser" non-magical society, and the long, hard path from apprentice to Arch-Mage all come to life within these pages.
  • From the frozen shores of the White Sea to the opulent khanate of Astrakhan, from the borders of the endless Tartary to the dark woods of Lithuania... Ultima Forsan: Macabre Ruthenia is a regional gazetteer about Macabre Russia for Ultima Forsan.





  • Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu by Jonathan Green. An anthology of short stories based on Shakespeare's works, and world, but with a dark Lovecraftian twist.





Bagiński w radiu o filmowym Wiedźminie
Kto i po co tworzy sztuczne języki? Najbardziej znanym z nich, esperanto, posługuje się według niektórych danych około 1,6 mln ludzi. Klingońskim biegle mówi około 30 osób, inne języki mają po kilkuset bądź po kilku użytkowników.
Fimiry Na południe od Kammendun czai się jednooki gość [White Dwarf 102 June 1998] cz.1, cz. 2, cz. 3 Opis rasy, ilustracje, przygoda i geneza rasy. 
Nowy Talisman osadzony w uniwersum Warhammera 40,000. W lutym premierę mieć będzie gra Talisman: The Horus Heresy, czyli połączenie uniwersum Warhammera 40 000 oraz mechanik znanych z planszówki Magia i Miecz.
Geografia świata. Imperium: część 28. Karl Franz - Sytuacja polityczno-militarna, cz.29 Karl Franz - Karl Zehmer Orgehniz. cz. 30 Karl Franz - Sigmar jest z ciebie dumny, synu. cz. 31 Karl Franz - Reorganizacja.
Legendarny, amerykański magazyn satyryczny „Mad” dostępny w Polsce! za sprawą Egmont Polska
Creatio Fantastica nr 4 (51) 2015) Fantastyka grozy. „Creatio Fantastica” jest internetowym kwartalnikiem popularnonaukowo-artystycznym poświęconym fantastyce.
Erpegowe Święta polska, darmowa (Pay What You Want) przygoda w Drive Thru RPG.
Podręcznik do Warheim FS, wersja 2k6 (zweiksechs) - kolejna edycja podręcznika Warheim
Ogłoszono nominacje do nagród IGF 2016 dla najlepszych gier niezależnych. Poznaliśmy właśnie listę nominowanych produkcji, wśród których znalazły się takie tytuły jak Her Story, Superhot, Darkest Dungeon i Undertale.
Bagiński w radiu o filmowym Wiedźminie
Nagrody D.I.C.E. 2016 – Wiedźmin 3 z ośmioma nominacjami

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