Patrol - A Vietnam War Roleplaying Game

Kilka dni temu do internetowego sklepu Drive Thru RPG trafiła gra Patrol - A Vietnam War Roleplaying Game. 
Autorem jest Kanadyjczyk Derek Chappell, który wcześniej tworzył niewielkie, eksperymentalne gry. 
Przykładowo w jednej z jego gier (Turncoats) gracze odgrywają rolę dezerterów, zaś w Dameage Control agentów, którzy starają się powstrzymać katastrofę świata po cyberapokaliptycznym świecie New Neo-Tokyo 2.

Te dwie gry są GMLess, czyli pozbawione Mistrza Gry, bądź jak kto woli ciężar kompetencji MG jest przeniesiony na wszystkich uczestników zabawy.

Patrol można zakupić za około 11 Euro lub pobrać kilkanaście pierwszych stron za darmo.
Gwoli ścisłości zręby gry o podobnej tematyce pojawiły się na łamach czasopisma Portal kilkanaście lat temu.
PATROL is a roleplaying game for 3+ players, set during the height of the Vietnam War. Players take the role of American GIs, ARVN soldiers, or their allies from Australia, South Korea and Thailand, tasked with executing an indeterminable and endless campaign of Search and Destroy across the countryside, faced with the perils of the deep jungle, the devious cleverness of the Viet Cong, and the blunders of a disconnected command structure. They’ll need every bit of their skill and determination to survive their tour with their body, mind and soul intact.
PATROL’s systems have been designed from the ground-up to be an immersive and informed game about guerrilla war, long-term missions and infantry combat. A unique d6 pool system allows for the introduction of complications and twists to any roll with simple skills and only a handful of stats. Thanks to the always-ticking clock, every action is fail-forward as time pressure is constant. A simple but powerful system of status effects and opposed alignments drive players into conflict with one another as, in their desperation, they become incentivized to act irrationally.
The game includes 12 player classes, over 150 pieces of equipment including firearms, grenades, supplies and period electronics, 28 vehicle profiles, rules for playing US Army, Marines, Navy and Special Forces, 9 different South Vietnamese anti-communist forces, Australians, South Koreans, Royal Thais, Montegnards, Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army, plus NPC profiles and guidelines for a wide variety of interesting factions and actors in the region.

Fast-paced, high-lethality gameplay using real world maps.
Highly accessible; just 3 stats, straightforward skills, and d6 pools.
Innovative morale mechanic challenges players to make tough choices.
Unique turn structure for realistic multi-day missions.
Simple but meaningful logistics, without headaches.
200 pages of rules, guides and history.

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