Frank Metzner dla Examinera z okazji 30-lecia Red Box

Michael Tresca przeprowadził wywiad z jedną najważniejszych osób odpowiedzialnych za Red Box - Frankiem Metznerem. Metzner może być znany ze swojego wkładu do wczesnych materiałów do Dungeons & Dragons, a obecnie z wydawnictwa Eldritch Enterprises. 

Muszę przyznać że to jeden z ciekawszych wywiadów jakie ostatnio czytałem. Dlatego zachęcam i Was do lektury. Metzner mówi o Gygax Magazine, jego wydawnictwie, Old School Renaissance, branży gier, oczywiście o D&D, wspomina jednak i o nowszych grach takich jak Burning Wheel.

Fragmenty na zachętę:

MT: How has the gaming industry changed? How have gamers changed?FM: I don't have a happy answer here. I think that we seek escapism in most types of entertainment, and usually simplistic answers for the problems our imaginary characters face. As I commented above, we as creators have to make things that will sell, and for 40 years that has meant catering to this lowest common denominator. The toolkit for your imagination as offered by Gygax & Arneson has become a vehicle for selling other peoples' dreams to you, for you to replay, rather than stimulating your own imagination. I once hoped that the D&D game would inspire the imaginations of millions from within; instead it caters to observers, and seems to inspire few to manifest the dreams of their own creation.
MT: What's your opinion on the state of the D&D brand? Are you willing to share your thoughts on D&D Next? It seems to be tapping into the fondness for older editions and promises compatibility with them.FM: I haven't followed very much of the two-year development of this next incarnation of the game. I will be honest, though; by perpetuating certain game design elements found only in 21st century versions, the design team is aiming at the money -- but this will not be attractive to the 'Old School' crowd. The publisher realizes the value of that market, and has re-released PDF and deluxe editions of various old classics, notably including the Original game itself. But as a division of Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast has obligations to its owner. We don't see the big auto companies devoting much energy to the classic car hobbyists, because it would mean losing money. The same applies here.

Czytaj cały wywiad na łamach Examinera:

Frank Mentzer celebrates 30th anniversary of the D&D "Red Box"


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