Fantasim - powstaje solo gra inspirowana RTSem - Majesty

Jeśli ktoś miło wspomina grę wideo taką jak Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, powinien zainteresować powstającą grą Fantasim. 
Fantasim ma być planszowa grą, inspirowana tym RTSem firmy Microprose sprzed kilkunastu lat oraz inną grą planszową o nazwie Sim How to Host a Dungeon.

Sama gra w obecnej wersji to dwa pliki:

In a few words, it goes like this: the game it's divided in ages, a Primordial Age where you generate the landscape and terrain features (its played in a hex map), a Precursors (or Ruins or whatevs) Age where you get to know who used to inhabit the land and what they built and where (a now vanished empire, a dwarven kingdom, two warring free-cities, etc), a Settling or Kingdom Age where you quickly find out where the main posts of civilization are (a city, a fortress, a couple of villages), and finally the Adventuring or Heroes Age where the actual game takes place.
It's divided in seasons: in the fall monsters spawn from the darkness or arrive from the edges of the map and settle in the crumbling ruins or in the gnarled woods, in winter they patrol their domains, raid and pillage trade routes and settlements and maybe fight with each other, in spring civilization recovers their resources, heals their wounded, and recruits adventurers, and the summer the adventurers fight back, explore the land, fulfill quests, and crawls dungeons.
Right now I've got the basics of the first two ages ready, and lately I've been toying around with the actual mechanics of character generation and the combat system. I pondered a few different methods but none of them really worked.
First of all, as the player might be handling from two to eight or such different adventuring parties, the combat system has to be quick (and simple) enough not to slow down the game. Second, it has to offer a minimum of granularity, because chars are expected to grow in levels and obtain magic items (and this means that each character is and independent and not just "Party A, Party B", an approach which I considered for some time), and both things have to reflect in the encounter mechanics. Third, I've got a specific idea of the power level of the adventuring parties: a first level party should handle an encounter with kobolds easily, might suffer some wounded with goblins, even maybe a dead Magic User or Thief, and should consider an encounter with an orc raiding group a fairly lethal affair (quite old school).

Więcej na temat Fantasim znajdziecie na forum (skąd pochodzi powyższy cytat).

Pamiętam, że w Polsce kilka miesięcy temu pojawił się blog poświęcony grom solo. Niestety nie dołączyłem go do czytnika RSS, a dziś nie pamiętam już jego adresu. 
Kilka innych gier solo podobnych do How to Host a Dungeon (za Planet Thirteen)

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