Open Gaming Monthly #1

Open Gaming Monthly to nowy magazyn dla fanów systemów OGL/Pathfinder, wydawany przez Fat Goblin Games.
Inauguracyjny numer kosztuje 2.99 $, liczy sobie 96 stron. Numer współtworzyli: Rick Hershey, Perry Fehr, Brian Berg, Alex Riggs, Joseph Davis, Paul Caughell, Bret Boyd, Christina Stiles, Matt Medeiros, Nick Esposito.
Wybrane artykuły i kolumny (za Drive Thru RPG):

16 WorldCraft: GrigoriaPerry Fehr brings us the first location in our 100% shared setting!
26 BriarbornComplete race with new druid archetype by Brian Berg.
56 Interview with Jennifer PageWe get what’s new with this Geek Icon and talk about everything!
24 Arctic ArsenalWinter gear every smart player will secure before adventuring north.
42 Winter WonderlandAlex Riggs delivers some icy spells to freeze your foes.
68 Preparing for RagnarokNorse archetypes for only the mightiest of clerics by Joseph Davis.
22 GogglingPaul Caughell introduces you to this new undead creation.
48 Legendary Locations: Drake’s HollowElven town hidden within a dead volcano in the frigid north by Bret Boyd.
35 Ke’ Aril’s HuntMini-adventure infested with Drow by Joshua Gullion
12 Open Gaming SpotlightChristina Stiles helps you get to know those who support Open Game Content.
60 The Good, The Bad, The HenchmenThree New Iconic NPC’s to introduce in your game by Matt Medeiros!
82 BadWrongFunNick Esposito brews up some home rules you better use with caution!

Czy płatny magazyn znajdzie sobie miejsce na rynku obok darmowych Pathways i Wayfindera?
Czas pokaże.
Numer do kupienia w internetowym sklepie Drive Thru RPG.
Więcej informacji na internetowym Fan Page Fat Goblin Games

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