Conflict PvP

20 kwietnia ukaże się podręcznik Conflict PvP, zawierający zasady kompatybilne z Pathfinderem i innymi grami opartymi na d20.
Podręcznik pozwoli na rozstrzyganie starć team versus team i player versus player
 258 stronicowy, kolorowy podręcznik w twardej oprawie będzie kosztował $ 39.99.

Freebies: While we still have them left: Two full-color large Battlemaps are added for each pre-orders for free 
The Conflict PvP: Tactics and Teams rulebook adds advanced player vs. player mechanics to Pathfinder. Offering gamers a slew of dynamic new Match types, traps, boons, build kits, and over 30 pre-made combat optimized characters. Whether you're looking to step up your combat, test your insane character build, or simply grind your table-mates into the dirt, Conflict PvP: Tactics and Teams has the tools you need to show your friends a bloody good time.
Pathfinder Campaign Integration: Like conventional Pathfinder campaigns, Conflict PvP uses a game master to run the matches smoothly, handle meta-gaming, hidden movement and ensure everyone is having a good time. Conflict PvP has dedicated chapters to the art of GMing, where any Gamemaster can find great nuggets on improving their craft. Moreover, the Conflict PvP: Tactics and Teams rulebook offers up many ways to sprinkle player vs. player competitions into existing campaigns. Several well-organized lists of plot hooks, magic items, artifacts, rule adjustments and dos and don’ts are added in, which means not only can GMs shake their campaigns up with PvP, but they also have another great resource for their traditional campaigns
“This is a really strong product… it is so impressive…” – Ryan Costello Jr, Know Direction Podcast 

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