WFR 3ed: Mnisi, morderstwa i szaleństwo

Monks, Murder and Madness to darmowa, nieoficjalna przygoda detektywistyczna przeznaczona do Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3 ed. Została opracowana na podstawie Hill of Bones, Susanny Gregory. Scenariusz osadzony jest w klasztorze uczonych, które jest miejscem odpoczynku dla fanatyków i łowców czarownic. M,M & M jest dosyć obszerny (liczy sobie blisko 50 stron).

GM Background
In a prosperous monastery, a murderous monk shows
the depths Sigmar’s cult is falling to in its prosperity.
Heroes are asked to solve recent murders, which will
lead them to uncover an earlier murder and find the
true culprit behind all them.
The Full Story (page 3) lays out who has been killing
who for the past four years. Its timeline of what is
known (and not known) can help answer questions
arising at the table.
Dates assume the year is 2521, so adjust for your
campaign.  The dates given assume heroes receive their
commission on Kaldezeit 20 (6 days before a full moon).
These dates can be adjusted but pick a start date with a
week or less to go before a full moon.  The adventure
assumes Fall but season is unimportant.
Overview of Likely Course of Adventure
An investigative adventure lets Players have the
initiative to proceed as they choose.  There is a
timetable of local events once they arrive but overall
the GM must respond to the Players' actions.  This
makes the course of events highly variable.
The following is a likely course of events:
-Heroes receive commission and learn more about
Fostenklauster while still in Ubersreik
-Day One, Act One - Go to Flussberg village and then
the monastery.
-WAAAGH! Option:  In Flussberg, Encounter Rowdy
Red Axes.
-Welcome To Fostenklauster.  Social Acts ensue as
Players have audiences with Abbot (moderately
corrupt but innocent), Prior (cunning mastermind)
and Hospital Master (insane tool of mastermind).
In the course of investigating, enter the Hospital
and meet the residents.  Have fun interacting with
monks and zealots get some Visions of the Goose.
-Day Two - Bless the Bock – have a drinking contest
and take advantage of it all.
-Heroes are pointed at Dankmar – perhaps they
suspect a “red” herring but he is actually the real
killer, just not the mastermind pulling strings.
-Careful interviews deduce Dankmar has no alibi on
either occasion, and really is murderously mad.
Careful review of other suspects reveal they all have
alibis for at least one of the two nights (though
Walther’s alibi can be weakened).
-Find book with key to the first murder – understand
why Adler killed and look for evidence against Prior,
a murder with a poison from Araby and the Prior an
ambitious man who travelled there once.
-WAAAGH! Option - grand melee - a “werewolf” can
appear in the fight!
-If alerting suspects, be attacked by Dankmar with
aid of hospital zealots, poisoned at dinner or
another event or locked in kennels with the Tilean
Hounds by Prior.
-Confront the true villain!

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