Wayfinder #18

Ukazał się nowy numer Wayfindera. Numer praktycznie w całości poświęcony jest morzu i przygodom na nim.  Morskie archetypy do PFRPG, przygody, opisy lokacji i potworów, zasady abordażu itp. Obok fragment jednej z ilustracji z fanzine.

Wewnątrz numeru:

 Foreword 1
 Weal or Woe: Ulygun and the Sea Crow  2
Into the Cannibal’s Maw  4
The Bleached Whale  13
Blood on Blackwater  15
Black Ice Bay  17
Outer Islands of the Ironbound Archipelago  18
Prestigious: Ulfen Sea Captain  20
Magic  Hoard from the Sea  22
Tempest Tossed  24
Halfen  28
A Crew to Defend Her: Seafaring Archetypes  30
Realm Building: Seas and Coasts  34
Curse of the Coral Throne  36
Wayward Rogues  38
Esoteric Order of Dagon  40
The Wreck of the Cayden Cailean  42
Weal or Woe: Outside Influence  44
Shoal Runner: A Ranger Archetype  47
Boarding Ships for  Fun and Profit  48
Niko’s Hunt  50
An Island, a Beach, and a Wreck  52
Tales of the Arcane Archaeologists  54
People and  Places of Totra  56
Precious Cargo  58
Weal or Woe: Bountiful Troubles  60
 Archetypes of the Blessed Isle  62
Words from Many Seas: The Shackled Isles  63
Stacking the Decks: Enchanted Figureheads  64
Aboleth-Tainted Ancestry: Feats of the Deep  65
The Wives and the Sons and the Daughters  66
Bestiary 68
Variations of Vegepygmies  81
Caller’s Rise  84
The Colloquium of Abendego  86
The Jinx: Part 2  88
OGL 91
Open Call  93

Źródło: Paizo.com

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