Dethlehem nagra nową płytę!

Dethlehem, zespół z Ghorusalem (Pittsburgh, PA) wejdzie ponownie do studia i nagra swój trzeci album! Podobnie jak poprzednie płyty utrzymany będzie oczywiście w stylu Epic/Medieval Fantasy/RPG/Metal (choć inni krytycy  klasyfikują ich jako RPG Nerd Metal ;)

Zespół tworzą:
The BloodBeard hails from the Shadow Realm where ancient shadow creatures feed on the innocent to gain their strength. Brutalitus defends the people of his realm, only because they shower him in treasures. If there is no reward involved, Brutalitus keeps to himself. With his enchanted weapon, the BloodBeard holds the Defenses of a LVL 30. After having his weapon stolen, he recruits the warriors of Dethlehem to help him track it down... in return, the BloodBeard will guide the warriors to the HyperGate.

After Hildor was slain by Lord Bonecrush during the great War against Yagolith for his treacherous acts. Hildor Anduv rose from his ashes as a Battle Mage, after Leonai the God of Frost reaved his soul by shedding a single snow flake onto his corpse.

HANK THE GUY LVL-5 (Lead Bass)
Bio coming soon!

BOVICE LVL-19 (Lead Axe)
A virtuous White Knight who holds a strong bond to the good spirited, yet holds no remorse in his furiousity. Bovice has an unprecedented power to reach Insanity LVL-10 if his Intimidation check is high enough. With this power, he was able to defeat Yagolith, the goblin king, by yanking the goblin skull from his eye while in dragon-form.

OVERLORD BROM LVL-?? (Battle Drums)
The most powerful, brute knight around who specializes in two-handed weaponry. Many not know of his past other than he has no family to speak of. To this day, no one knows what color he bleeds... or if this immortal warrior bleeds at all...

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