Darmowa przygoda z Book of Quests

Book of Quests to zestaw siedmiu przygód opracowany z myślą dla zasad RuneQuest 6. Dodatek ukaże się nakładem Design Mechanist w lutym lub marcu tego roku. Scenariusze mogą zostać rozegrane jako kampania lub pojedyńczo  .Tymczasem jedna z tych przygód została udostępniona za darmo w formacie PDF.
24-stronicowy scenariusz zatytułowany jest The Caravan i można go pobrać z tego miejsca.

Wg. Akrasia z bloga Akratic Wizardry przygoda równie dobrze nadaje się do takich systemów jak Legend, OpenQuest, czy BRP.

IntroductionCaravan routes form a vibrant lifeline of trade, interconnecting the small towns, hamlets, and farmsteads that spread across The Vale. The caravans bring processed trade goods from the towns to the smaller communities. And, in return, they transport raw materials and foodstuffs back from the rural communities – a cyclical pattern of prosperity. There is great reward, and great risk, to be had plying the trade routes. Shrewd caravan masters seek out skilled warriors to protect their interests. They offer high wages,but they demand loyalty and responsibility from their employees for the welfare of the caravan. This scenario presents characters with the opportunity to join a merchant caravan as it prepares to depart a small town. The adventure begins with the characters being interviewed by the caravan master. From there, the journey proceeds – mundanely, at first. But, as days pass, it becomes clear that there is trouble brewing in the wilderness they travel through. It will take sharp steel, and a sharp eye, to overcome the dangers the characters will face.The foul sorcerer Jedakiah has powerful allies among the barbarian tribes of Gartharis. He has forged an alliance with the barbarian chieftain, Delell, and is working towards unifying all of the tribes under his control. Delell provides Jedekiah with loyal warriors in exchange for gifts from the cult of the Chaos Mother and promises of greater power.The corrupt shaman, Manuun, initially served as an emissary between Delell and Jedekiah. He travelled to Jedekiah’s watchtower on many occasions, and returned to share Jedekiah’s wishes with the tribe. Over time, Jedekiah began to see great potential in Manuun as a trustworthy servant. Manuun now serves Jedekiah as one of his chief lieutenants. Manuun has been indoctrinated into the cult of the Chaos Mother, and has gained the trappings, and the scars, from this allegiance. He is a dangerous and ruthless opponent, driven by a lust for power.Jedekiah has provided Manuun with a chaos hybrid, bred in the laboratories of the Ophidians. The beast is a tool of destruction that must be controlled carefully. The barbarians transport it shackled and muzzled, and release it to feed and destroy. The shaman is the only one that can safely control the chaos hybrid and Manuun is performing an experiment to determine how far it can be controlled once it has tasted blood. This scenario follows the actions of Manuun’s warband that brings them into conflict with the characters. Over the past two weeks, the warband has been rampaging across the Northern border of The Vale. They have waylaid travellers, either forcing them into slavery or brutally sacrificing them. During the characters’ journey, the barbarians will set the chaos hybrid loose upon a hamlet. It is up to the characters to deal with Manuun and his men before they can cause any more death or destruction. A Games Master can easily drop this scenario into any rural region of a game world. The only requirements are a populated starting point and some scattered rural communities. The barbarian raiders can be substituted with any appropriate threat in the campaign (orcs, goblins, etc.). This scenario is not intended to be run during any specific season,though it would be unlikely for merchant caravans to be very active during winter months.

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