3 darmowe mini gierki: Pirates! Journey through Mirkwood, Rocket Proppeled Gaming

Trzy nowe małe gierki pojawiły się na stronie 1KM1KT. Oczywiście wszystkie są darmowe.

Pirates! (+card sheet)
Pirates!, a free tabletop rpg inspired by Polanski’s eponym movie. It’s a funny and lighthearted game that runs almost on its own, the game master doesn’t have a lot to do while the players perform all sort of foolishness, smiling from ear to ear.
Journey through MirkwoodAnother dangerous journey in Middle Earth awaits! You have forty days to travel from Rivendell to the palace of Thandruil with many perils and enemies on your way. Will you be able to reach your goal?
“Journey Through Mirkwood” is very simple and rather short, one page RPG adventure game for one player. I hope you’ll enjoy it
RPG: Rocket Propelled GamingThis is version 1.1 of my simple and balanced, rules light, narrativist roleplaying game. It draws on inspiration from the likes of John Harper and Robin Laws to produce a balanced and free form game. Any constructive suggestions or comments would be gratefully received.

Źródło: 1km1kt 

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