1366 Second Edition

Gra fabularna 1366, autorstwa Grahama Rose doczekała się drugiej edycji. Gra w porównaniu z pierwszą wersją rozrosła się do 80 stron i jest tańsza o dwa dolary - kosztuje obecnie cztery.
1366 osadzona jest w średniowiecznej Anglii, koncentruje się na groteskowych, dziwnych i niepokojących aspektach średniowiecznego życia.

1366 Second Edition
I'd escaped the man dressed as a fish, but only after slipping in some dung and tearing my hose. I cursed my luck. I'd used most of my money to purchase a pair of fashionable new pointed toe poulaines, so I couldn't afford to have my hose repaired. My rash was getting worse. Was I afflicted with the pestilence? How could I get treatment from a chirurgeon with no money? If only I hadn't spent my last groat on frumenty...
1366 is a medieval RPG that focuses on the so called ‘peasants’ of the 14th century, rather than knights and nobles, and was designed to allow games of a more down to earth nature. It is in parts somewhat weird, perhaps slightly surreal, and maybe even a little disturbing.
1366 features simple mechanics that have been modified and tweaked for the second edition. There are the same unusual trades (such as Ale taster, Goliard, Gongfarmer and Pardoner), talents (such as Bodkin and Libertine), and unique abilities known as ‘Oddities’ (such as Freakish, Heathen and Vulgar). The second edition now includes rule for market trading, herbs and a redesigned character advancement system. There’s also a sequel to the original ‘Hogford Diptych’ adventure, the ‘Dunfell Nuncheon’.
Medieval. Odd. 1366.

Nadal jednak ciężko znaleźć nieco więcej informacji o tej grze. Gra jest dostępna w internetowym sklepie Drive Thru.


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