RPGPundit o Arrows of Indra

RPGPundit może być znany z forum theRPGSite lub gier takich jak Lords of Olympus Diceless RPG, czy Forward... to Adventure!. Andrew Girdwood z Geek Native przeprowadził z nim wywiad na temat jego nowej gry: Arrows of Indra - fantasy RPG inspirowanej legendami i mitami Indii.
Autor swą grę opisuję tymi słowy:

Its a game where you play a heroic adventurer in an exotic world; you make your character (who might be a fighter, a mystic, a thief or assassin, a venerable priest or even a monkey-man! among others) and the GM provides the world in which you play and runs the threats that you face. Like in a lot of video games, you go on quests, kill stuff, get treasure, but here you have way more freedom to do all kinds of things that might come to mind.

Czytaj cały wywiad:

RPGPundit interview: The Old School Renaissance for Arrows of Indra


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