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Pure Steam RPG to darmowy, steampunkowy dodatek do Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Obecnie jest w wersji beta i może być ciekawą alternatywą dla płatnego Terah, dodatku sfinansowanego społecznościowa w ubiegłym roku. Dodatek liczy sobie 96 stron z fenomenalnymi grafikami, za które odpowiadają: Mates Laurentiu, Alejandro Lee, Chris DeHart. Autorami Pure Steam są: Adam J. Crockett, Brennan Ashby,  Lance Wright i Davin Perry.

Opis zaczerpnięty z Drive Thru RPG:
In the age of steam, coal is king.
Pure Steam is a steampunk campaign setting compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This isn’t your grandma’s steampunk. Hillbillies and Yankees scatter the landscape, which is more Appalachian than Victorian. The old, tired mountains rich in coal veins are home to the economic powerhouses of the setting.
This book focuses on the Federated States of Ullera, a relatively young nation born out of the Abolition War, founded on freedom from oppression and learning to cope with newfound economic prosperity.
Plunge into the setting with original subraces, each fresh and exciting.
Test out the Chaplain, an original base class able to heal and buff without magic. Representing her chosen association (each of which grants unique powers and options), she adventures for the betterment of society.
Try your hand at one of eight unique archetypes.
Aim true with new weapons, accessories, and gadgetry.
Kick the tires. Brand new vehicles await for rapid travel and exciting combat.
Experience the horror science can awaken with new monsters.

Pobierz Pure Steam za darmo z internetowego sklepu Drive Thru RPG

Strona Pure Steam
Źródło: EnWorld

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