Nowy projekt Ricka Priestleya

Rick Priestley dał się ponieść urokowi Kickstartera i wraz z nowo powstałą firmą Dark Space Corp zbierają pieniądze na ich nowy projekt pod nazwą Beyond the Gates of Antares. GoA ma być grą wojenną opartą o kości dziesięciościenne. W przeciągu dwóch na popularnej stronie finansowania społecznościowego zebrali 20 tysięcy dolarów z wymaganej kwoty 300 000$.
Rick Priestley to postać legendarna dla uniwersum Warhammera. Projektował już takie gry jak Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, Warhammer 40 0000, Necromunda i wiele innych.

Beyond the Gates of Antares (GoA) invites us to a time when mankind has evolved into new and diverse species: the strangely powerful NuHumans, masters of the Panhuman Concord; the ape-like Pansimians, the greatest warriors in the whole Galactic Spill; and feral Revers primitive Humans driven by a irrepressible lust for adventure and danger. It is a universe where technology and humanity intermix indistinguishably, where human knowledge and endeavour has long since been supplanted by integrated machine intelligence IMTel. Where humans go their technology goes also, protectors, workers, and fighting machines in the form of WarDrones armed with deadly weapons and shielded by energy fields a thousand times more resilient than steel. GoA is a wargame designed anew for the twenty-first century – a fresh look at the raw mechanics of tabletop wargaming featuring a fluid combat status system and interleaved turn sequence that facilitates continuous play for both sides. Rival forces act and react in a series of triggered actions that quickly draw both sides into simultaneous fire fights and close quarter fighting. The mechanics are designed to enable rapid progress using forces of around fifty or so models a side, including futuristic fighting machines, vehicles and point-defence weaponry as well as human troopers – the game is infinitely scalable to facilitate battles as large as can possibly be imagined and is detailed enough to facilitate skirmish gameplay too. 

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