Godny podziwu pokój do grania

Dźwięk, projektor wideo o przekątnej 99'' i kolorowe oświetlenie zmieniane za pomocą pilota.
Gorzej jednak z kosztami, jak pisze autor na Reedit:

Man, I couldn't even begin to estimate. My first roleplaying game was in 1980. I've been collecting things here and here since.The tables were about $200 as we used some wood we already had. The projector was a gift. The screen was less than $50. The track lighting was about $35 per, and the bulbs another $15 each plus shipping (I think). The chairs just appeared one day, so far as I remember - that or I robbed a funeral home in my sleep. Then there's the laptop, about 10,000 figures (only the ones I use the most are on the shelves), the books, the dice, the etc. etc. ect.If I were doing it from scratch, I'd start with:1) A basic table with chalkboard paint ~$1002) A single row of track lighting with normal lights ~$403) A cheap laptop or tablet and speakers ~$2504) A spare monitor or a refurbished projector ~$200Then build up from there over time.I'd also probably go with tokens or cardboard standups and card terrain and acquire the rest as needed.


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