Game Studies Volume 12, Issue 2

Pojawił się najnowszy numer pisma ludologicznego poświęconego grom wideo:  Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game (Volume 12, Issue 2, grudzień 2012).

Z całym numerem można zapoznać się w tym miejscu.
Wewnątrz numeru:

The Algorithmic Experience: Portal as Art
by Michael Burden, Sean Gouglas

Art requires criticism. Portal transcends videogame tropes: it explores the human struggle against algorithmic processes through complex parallels between the player, Chell, the companion cube, and GLaDOS. Increasingly complex frustrations are experienced directly through the game’s aesthetic of play – a freedom bounded by algorithmic control.

In the Double Grip of the Game: Challenge and Fallout 3
by Sara Mosberg Iversen

A broad notion of challenge, conceptualized as both demanding and stimulating situations, is here proposed as a basis for holistic analysis of digital games which takes both the games’ mechanic and semiotic dimensions into equal account. The offered framework is demonstrated through application in an analysis of Fallout 3.

Death Loop as a Feature
by Olli Tapio Leino

This essay is a critical examination of the paradigmatic approach of interpreting computer games as games accessible for analysis and critique through ‘research-play’. The essay justifies a differentiation between game design research and game studies, and explores the avenues of analysis and critique of single-player computer games for the latter.

A Study of User Interface Modifications in World of Warcraft
by Sean Targett, Victoria Verlysdonk, Howard J. Hamilton, Daryl Hepting

This paper studies the effect that user created interfaces have had on WoW and its community of users through an online survey issued to WoW players. The survey results illustrate the varied nature of this community and provide information that may aid in the creation of communities dedicated to modifying the interfaces of other software packages.

Best Before: The Red Queen Dilemma of Preserving Video Games?
by Staffan Björk

Review of Best Before: videogames, supersession and obsolescence. James Newman, 2012. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, New York.

Circles tend to return
by David Myers

Review of The magic circle: Principles of gaming & simulation. Jan H. G. Klabbers, 2009. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Forever a moral subject
by Torill Mortensen

Review of The Ethics of Computer Games. Miguel Sicart, 2009. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press.

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