Role Playing Game Tidbits 07.12.12

Green Ronin Publishing


Twitter EN World ‏@Morrus: We're back. Kinda.  lives again!
Daily Iluminator: Steve Jackson Sings Your Holiday Favorites!
Cyberpunk: Not only the Cyberchef has his taste: More about inspiration
Lady Ophelia's Shop of Roleplay Specialties: Adventure Submission Policies vi@ Roleplaying Chronicles
Roleplaying Chronicles: New WatchGuard Super Solo Braindamage for Mutants & Masterminds
Roleplaying Chronicles: Gypsy Knights Games Cascadia Adventures Module #3 – Fled
FFG: Connected & Motivated
Stargazer's World: Pen & Paper RPG Bloggers Community at Google+ and RPG blogging tips
Rolepelaying Chronicles: Half-Faerie Dragon Heroic Pathfinder Race from Jon Brazer Enterprises


Scott Kurtz, WotC: Table Titans
Ed Greenwood,WotC: All the News, and Then Some
Green Ronin Publishing: Chris Pramas on A Feast of Ice and Fire (pic.)
RPG & Design: 3d Printing Dungeon Tiles 


pemcorgi69, Roleplaying Chronicle: Thinking Inside the Box: U.S. Games Systems – Hooyah
Jontheman, theRPGSite: Legend Core Rulebook
Lev Lafayette, GURPS Basic Set Third Edition Revised
Flames Rising: The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology Review


Smiling Jacks Bar and Grill: Episode 16: Electronic Boogaloo


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