Savage Insider Premium Issue #2

Drugi numer płatnego kwartalnika Savage Insider Premium trafił do sklepu DriveThru RPG.
Wydawcą magazynu jest Mystical Throne Entertainment.
Wewnątrz numeru znalazło się 7 artykułów:

  • Auspicious Archetypes: Cataphract—creating cataphract characters and NPCs
  • Esoteric Order: The Burning Crow—a modern fantasy horror sourcebook of The Burning Crow for Judgment Day
  • Random Encounters: Ritual Room—a horror encounter including battlemap
  • The Fox and Brew Roadhouse-a complete guide to the Fox and Brew tavern and inn.
  • Mission Beta—part 2 of a Mercenary Breed campaign set within the Hastilion Expanse
  • Seven Kings of Shambhala-a complete pulp adventure in four acts, delving into The Hollow World
  • Ultimate Mass Battle Guide, Part I-part 1 of our alternate mechanics series bringing new options for running a mass battle.
Drugi numer liczy 77 stron i kosztuje 5.95 $ (PDF)

Kup magazyn w internetowym sklepie Drive Thru RPG

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