Plan wydawniczy Moongose Publishing

Moongose Publishing opublikował na swojej stronie plan wydawniczy do końca roku 2012.
Poniżej plan wydawniczy Travellera i Legend (ich pozostałe produkty znaleźć można na stronie Moongose Publishing)


Title                                             Sub-Line                  Status          Street Date
Alien Module 5: SolomaniThird ImperiumShippingOut Now!
Deneb SectorThird ImperiumProofingJuly
The Solomani RimThird ImperiumLayoutJuly
French Arm Adventures2300ADEditingAugust
Tools for Frontier Life2300ADEditingAugust
The French Arm2300ADWritingTBA
Chinese Arm Adventures2300ADWritingTBA
The Chinese Arm2300ADWritingTBA
Alien Module 6: DroyneThird ImperiumWritingNovember

Title                                       Sub-Line                         Status        Street Date
Historia RodentiaHistoria RodentiaPrinting June
Secrets of the SteppesElric of MelniboneEditingJuly
Talons of WinterElric of MelniboneWritingSeptember
Pirates of LegendLegend Core BookPrintingJune
Samurai of LegendLegend Core BookWritingTBA
Gladiators of LegendLegend Core BookWritingTBA
The Iron CompanionAge of TreasonLayoutSeptember

Tymczasem do internetowego sklepu Drive Thru RPG trafiły ich dwie nowe pozycje do systemu Legend.
Pierwsza z nich Pirates of Legend to 126 stronicowy piracki dodatek do Legends (11.99 $), zaś Historia Rodentia to blisko dwustustronicowy pełnoprawny setting w tej samej cenie co Pirates of Legend.

A complete setting for the Legend Roleplaying System, Historia Rodentia takes you to a world where animals go to war in a twisted version of the 19th Century. For fans of history or parody, Historia Rodentia provides a unique and rich setting that is easily expanded with your favourite historical events!
In this sourcebook you will find: • A Campaign Setting for Brushfire’s regions of Eutheria and Reptilia, alternate versions of Europe and the Middle East.• Over 20 different playable species from 4 Nations.• Over a dozen organizations including militaries, religions and technology firms.• The Politics system, used to call in favours from your allies.• The Exemplarism system, used to command soldiers in the field of battle.• The Tactical Abilities system, replaces Magic and Heroic Abilities.

Przypomnę, że Legend nadal można kupić za symbolicznego dolara, podobnie jak większość dodatków do starego Runequesta (te oscylują w cenie kilku dolarów).


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