Origin Awards 2012- zwycięzcy

 Po raz 38 ogłoszono wyniki za wybitne osiągnięcia w branży gier, czyli prestiżowe nagrody Origin Award.
W kategorii RPG najlepsza okazała się produkcja Paradigm ConceptsArcanis.
Arcanis to gra, w której świat luźno przypomina ten nasz. Przygody toczą się na kontynencie Onara, gdzie rozpadające się Coryani Empire (przypominające Cesarstwo Zachodniorzymskie) zmaga się z nowo utworzonymi państwami takimi jak: Milandir (analogia do Świętego Cesarstwa Rzymskiego Narodu Niemieckiego) lub Canceri (Rosja w średniowieczu i Bałkany). Więcej na temat tej gry pisałem w tym miejscu (przypomnę tylko, że obszerny podręcznik opisujący ten świat jest dostępny za darmo, a przynajmniej był...) .
Poniżej pełna lista nagrodzonych Origin Awards 2012:

Best Roleplaying Game
WINNER: Arcanis - Paradigm Concepts
Abney Park’s Airship Pirates - Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Ashen Stars - Pelgrane Press
Leverage: The RPG - Margaret Weis Productions
The One Ring - Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Best Roleplaying Supplement or Adventure
WINNER: Shadows Over Scotland (Call of Cthulhu) - Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Bookhounds of London (Trail of Cthulhu) - Pelgrane Press
Dragon Age, Set 2 (Dragon Age) - Green Ronin Publishing
The Great Clans (L5R 4th Edition) - AEG
Monster Vault (D&D 4E) - Wizards of the Coast

Best Board Game
WINNER: Conquest of Nerath - Wizards of the Coast
Automobile - Mayfair Games
Hibernia - Closet Nerd
High Noon Saloon - Slugfest Games
Pastiche - Gryphon Games

Best Traditional Card Game
WINNER: NUTS! - Wildfire LLC
Cthulhu Gloom - Atlas Games
Red Dragon Inn 3 - Slugfest Games
Star Trek Deck Building Game - BANDAI
Struggle for Catan - Mayfair Games

Best Family, Party or Children’s Game
WINNER: Get Bit! - Mayday Games
BEARS! - Fireside Games
Faux∙Cabulary - Out of the Box Publishing
Scavengers - Zombie State Games
Space Mission - Schmidt Spiele

Best Miniatures Figure or Line
WINNER: Storm Strider - Privateer Press
Forge Father Huscarl - Mantic
Giant Sized X-Men Heroclix - Wizkids/NECA
St. Luke - Dark Age
Zombie Wedding Party - Studio Miniatures

Best Miniatures Rules or Expansion
WINNER: Battletech: The Wars of Reaving - Catalyst Game Labs
Carnevale: The Miniatures Game - Vesper-on Games
Light Bikes - Glory Games
Street Fighter Starter Set - Wizkids/NECA
Tomorrow’s War - Osprey Publishing/Ambush Alley Games
Warmachine: Wrath - Privateer Press

Best Collectible Card Game or Expansion
WINNER: Magic the Gathering: Innistrad - Wizards of the Coast
Legend of the Five Rings: Second City - AEG
Pokemon Black & White: Emerging Powers - Nintendo
World of Warcraft: Dungeon Decks - Cryptozoic Entertainment
World of Warcraft: The Throne of the Tides - Cryptozoic Entertainment

Best Game Accessory
WINNER: Shadowrun Runner's Toolkit - Catalyst Game Labs
Dungeon Tiles: The Witchlight Fens - Wizards of the Coast
Dice Earrings - GameScience
Dungeon Masters Keep - Gale Force Nine
Munchkin Zombies 2: Armed & Dangerous - Steve Jackson Games

Best Game-Related Publication
WINNER: The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design - Open Design LLC
Cliffourd the Big Red God - Atlas Games
Designers & Dragons - Mongoose Publishing
Untold Adventures - Wizards of the Coast
Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Dungeons & Dragons - Wizards of the Coast

Best Historical Board Game
WINNER: Strike of the Eagle - Academy Games
Test of Fire: Bull Run 1861 - Mayfair Games
Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles - Worthington Games
Lost Battles - Fifth Column Games
No Retreat! The Russian Front - GMT
World War II Barbarossa 1941 - Zvesda

Best Historical Miniatures Rules or Expansion
WINNER: Flames of War: Cassino - Battlefront Miniatures Ltd.
SAGA - Gripping Beast
Waterloo - Warhammer Historical
Command Combat: Civil War 1861 - Bandwagon Books
Force on Force, 2nd Edition - Osprey Publishing/Ambush Alley Games
Hail Caesar! - Warlord

Best Historical Miniatures Figure or Line
WINNER: Bolt Action WW2 - Warlord Games
Italian Wars - Wargames Foundry
Sudan 1881-1885 - Perry Miniatures
Napoleon at War - Man at War
Tropic Lightning Vietnam War - Battlefront Miniatures Ltd.
Anglo Zulu War - Empress Miniatures

Best Play by Mail or Correspondence Game
WINNER: Heroic Fantasy - Flying Buffalo Inc.
Continental Rails - Production R Danard
Hyborian War - Reality Simulations Inc
Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire - KJC Games
Cruenti Dei - Sardarthion Press

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