Indie Game: The Movie

Koniec, końców po pół roku oczekiwania można nabyć film Indie Game: The Movie.  Film kosztuje 7.99$.

Trailer i więcej informacji na temat filmu znajdziecie w tym miejscu, natomiast kupić go można na platformie Steam.
“100% Fresh! Ranked as the #1 best reviewed movie of 2012.” – Rotten Tomatoes 
“There are victories, defeats, tears and smiles. Indie Game: The Movie is a MUST-SEE doc for anybody that fancies themselves a gamer or for anyone who gets sucked into a good underdog story.” – Ain’t it Cool News 
“'Indie Game: The Movie' lays bare the passion behind the pixels, revealing the sweat, tears and sleep deprivation that go into trying to make the latest gaming sensation” – New York Times
Źródło: Chata Stracha


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