Frontier RPG

The Frontier to darmowa, 180 stronicowa gra w wersji przyjaznej dla druku. The Frontier inspirowana  jest hack'n slashami typu: Diablo, czy Borderlands. 

Postacie w grze rozwijają się w czterech podstawowych klasach od pierwszego do pięćdziesiątego, legendarnego poziomu i zdobywają nowe umiejętności i sprzęt.
Do gry dołączono prosty setting SF, osadzony w dwudziestym trzecim wieku, jednak jak pisze autor łatwo może być zastąpiony przez inny. 
Grę zaprojektował  Georgios Chatzipetros, poniżej fragment opisujący świat gry: 

By the end of the 23rd century, mankind had explored most of the solar system and set up colonies on Mars, the Moon, Titan and Europa, as well as extensive mining operations from the asteroid belt to Triton. However, despite its advancements, humanity still lacked definitive technological solutions to its more pressing concerns.The discovery of extraterrestial archeological artefacts at several sites within the solar system, some of them dating more than a million years old, ignited mankind’s hopes that it was not alone in the universe. Careful analysis of the relics wielded some evidence about the spacefaring civilisation that had constructed them, including hints at technologies far beyond anything mankind was capable of, but no concrete information about their whereabouts.Towards the end of the century, an unmanned probe charting the Scattered Disc region of the outer solar system discovered a massive artificial object near Eris. Exploration of the artefact revealed it to be a jumpgate, a still-functioning artificial wormhole that could be used to instantly travel to another region of the universe. Expeditionary parties sent into the jumpgate exited at a similar construction near an Earth-like planet with breathable atmosphere located in the outskirts of the Andromeda galaxy, more than two and half million light years away from Earth.Although the great distance from Earth to the jumpgate meant that travelling to the newly discovered extragalactic planet could only be accomplished at great cost and difficulty, everyone’s interest was so high that within a decade several colonies were established. The planet was seemingly ravaged by an ancient war and littered with ruins. There was no trace of the jumpgate’s designers, but it was clear that at some point in history the planet served as their home.Despite the initial disappointment at finding the planet deserted from the elusive ancient civilisation, the artefacts and ruins they left behind wielded tremendous advancements in human science, with mankind making technological leaps of centuries in the span of a few decades. The vanished benefactors of humanity were named Prometheans and the planet became known as Prometheus. It is tempting to imagine how far mankind could advance piggybacking on the Prometheans’ technological marvels, if curiosity hadn’t got the best of it. Scientists became certain that the jumpgate in Prometheus could be re-tasked to connect to other similar structures in faraway places, and that Prometheus itself was only a small part of the Prometheans’ intergalactic empire. The lack of deeper understanding about such advanced technology did little to discourage them from trying, but proved catastrophic. Theirattempts to reconfigure the jumpgate instead shut it down and created a tremendous energy backlash. The planet itself escaped significant direct effects from the backlash, but most of the orbital installations were wiped out and their debris caused huge explosions and fires when they came crashing down on the surface, destroying many settlements and factories.That was 50 years ago. The remaining colonists on Prometheus found themselves shut off from Earth, without any indication if contact could ever be made again. With many of their resources destroyed and the prior social institutions made extinct, they have learned to fend for themselves in a world that is so far away from home. Prometheus has become the Frontier.

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