Wywiad z Leonardem Boyarskym

Leonard Boyarsky to człowiek, który pracował przy takich grach jak: Arcanum, Fallout, Fallout 2, The Temple of Elemental Evil, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.  Obecnie pracuje w Blizzard Entertainment nad Diablo 3.
RPG Codex przeprowadził wywiad z tym projektantem gier i artystą. Poniżej fragment dotyczący pen&paper RPG:

How did you find your way into role-playing video game design? Did you come from pen & paper RPGs?

I did not have a lot of experience with pen and paper RPGs, unfortunately. I was fascinated with DnD and other RPGs when I was younger, but I never found a good group of people to play with. My first PnP experiences were at Interplay with Tim Cain running a Conan campaign. He also ran a pretty cool GURPS Space campaign, if I recall correctly.

The fact that I ended up a game designer was purely by accident. I always liked writing, but I was an artist at heart – it’s what I got my degrees in in college. My first foray into design was at the beginning of Fallout. A group of us got together and decided what we wanted the game to be from a design and story standpoint. I was fortunate enough to have the others listen to someone like me—who had absolutely no experience in design—blather on about what I wanted from the game. It was definitely a shared vision between all of us. Once we had decided on the necessary basics of the game (multiple ways to solve each quest, branching dialog, consequences for player choices, basic area design, etc.) I went back to being the art director and didn’t think anything else about it. However, once we finished the art for the game and had the time to start playing it in earnest, we found that a lot of our original area design and philosophy somehow hadn’t made it into the game. I remember specifically that there was nothing in the Brotherhood of Steel apart from the NPCs with talking heads – and we were supposed to be shipping soon. So Jason and I, with the unbounded arrogance of youth, decided we were going to start writing and editing dialogues and adding quests for the game. And so I became a game designer.

Całość przeczytać można na stronie RPG Codex.
Zainteresowani mogą zajrzeć na jego prywatną stronę Boyarskiego lub przeczytać informacje zawarte na No Mutants Allowed.

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