Well Played: volume 1 number 3

Ukazał się kolejny numer pisma ludologicznego Well Played: volume 1 number 3. Wewnątrz :

  • Time Tech and Tales: The fall and rise of the popularity of narration in games seen through Monkey Island 2 and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Emmanuel Eytan
  • Queue’d Up: The Functioning of Randomized Groups in World of Warcraft Charles Ecenbarger II
  • EUROPA UNIVERSALIS II: Conquest, trading, diplomacy from the Middle Ages to Napoleon Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen
  • Deus Ex Ludos: Representation, Agency, and Ethics in Deus Ex: Invisible War Joseph Hogle
  • Playing as a Woman as a Woman as if a Man Gabriela T. Richard

Darmowy PDF do pobrania 
Źródło: The Ludologist 

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