Kolekcja Arnesona na aukcji

Kolekcja współtwórcy Dungeons & Dragons, D. Arnesona zostanie wystawiane na aukcji eBay. Pierwsze materiały pojawią się na aukcjach w niedzielę, szóstego maja. Łącznie ma być wystawione około 200 pozycji.
Będą to rzadkie gry wojenne, Call of Cthulhu, Empire of the Petal Throne, Blackmoor, Dungeons & Dragons oraz Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Niektóre z nich opatrzone są autografem.
Pozostałe materiały, czyli 114 kartonów w których znaleźć można 10 000 różnorakich osobistych rzeczy są zarchiwizowane. Znalazły się tam notatki Arnesona dotyczące projektowanych gier i dokumentów i wiele innych.
In early 2011, The Dragon's Trove had to chance to buy what is arguably one of the two most important collections of gaming materials every offered for sale, the one belonging to the late Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. In my opinion, the only other more important collection would be the one owned by the late Gary Gygax that is currently being sold off by his widow, Gail. When I was contacted by the owner Dave's collection, it was immediately apparent how lucky all gamers were that this collection was not lost forever. Because it purchased at a storage locker auction (that's right, just like on TV) and it was by pure chance that the new owner attempted to find the meaning of some of the boxes of paper rather than deciding that there was no gold or jewelry to be found, and just tossing it all into the nearest dumpster. Now, after nearly a year of careful cataloging and research by Paul Stormberg of The Collector's Trove, we are proud to offer this once in a lifetime collection to the public. Paul Stormberg is probably the foremost expert of this type of esoteric collection, and will be holding a series of auctions over the coming months to allow the vast assortment of items to find a home. You can follow this on his site here: The Collector's Trove's Web Site

Co dokładnie znajdzie się na aukcji: (za Morrusem z EnWorlds)
  • His original gaming dice.
  • His original Dungeons & Dragons and Blackmoor campaign manuscripts.
  • His first printing, woodgrain boxed set play copy of D&D.
  • Letters from Gary Gygax.
  • Other letters, notes, documents, artwork, photos, cartography, rare wargames and hand-made models and miniatures.
  • Published games, game accessories, periodicals, and books.
  • Arneson’s Smith Corona: Mark IV typewriter.
  • A set of lead crystal goblets etched with Arneson’s family heraldry.
  • A model ship made of metal.
  • Unpublished manuscripts that did not make it into the final draft of Dungeons & Dragons that date as far back as 1973.
  • Older items from 1971 and 1972 “dealing with the Blackmoor campaign and the Castle itself,” which may reveal secrets about the game’s origins.
  • Runs of Gygax’s Castle & Crusade Society and Domesday Book newsletters.
  • Arneson’s Corner of the Table newsletter which discusses his various campaigns, including his Blackmoor exploits.
  • Arneson’s personal copy of a book he created called “Dungeonmaster’s Index,” an index of all monsters, spells, rules, and magic items, which was published under his own name and without a license.
  • Arneson’s locked briefcase (contents unrevealed).
  • Arneson’s 1959 game of Risk.
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