Vampire: Dark Influence

Zainteresowani mogą pobrać za darmo zasady do gry Vampire: Dark Influence, gry planszowej osadzonej w uniwersum WoD. Gra wraz z polską instrukcją dostępna jest w jednym ze sklepów internetowych, kosztuje około 60 PLN.

There is a World of Darkness much like our own. Hidden from humanity by a veil of deceit, the vampires of this world play games of intrigue, politics and betrayal. You are one of those vampires, called Kindred. Your Prince among the undead has declared that he will go into torpor, the rest of ages, and will choose a successor before he passes. The vampire who wins the support of the most allies before dawn will be declared the new Prince. Vampire: Dark Influences is a board game for two to five devious players who forge bonds, win favors and break vows to reign supreme over the night.

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