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Na blogu założyciela Larian Studios, Swena Vincke pojawiła się kolejna aktualizacja pt. Dragon Commander - What's Going On?. Rozwiewa nieco wątpliwości dotyczących powstającej gry, a także anonsuje pojawienie się stoiska Larian Studios  na targach E3.

As a quick recap, Dragon Commander is a game that is played in several turns. Each turn, you make decisions in a RPG fashion that affect the flow of the game. You research and invest in magic & tech, upgrade your dragon & fleet, and decide how to run your growing empire and what territories you want to attack. Then, you engage in combat, using your dragon & fleet side by side to defeat your enemy. At this point, we’re pretty much done with how the RPG part will work, are in the middle of dealing with the strategy part & have changed the combat gameplay drastically so that it has much more depth. The big problem we had with the combat was how to ensure that controlling both your dragon and your fleet at the same time was fun. It took a lot of iterations and try outs to get that balance right, but I think we finally cracked it.

O blogu  Swen Vincke @ Larian Studios i samej grze wspominałem już w kontekście wpisu: Wybory, konsekwencje w cRPG.

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