Vikings of Legend

W internetowym sklepie Drive Thru RPG pojawił się dodatek Vikings of Legend, przeznaczony do systemu RuneQuest, autorstwa Pete Nosha.
Publikacja jest dostępna w języku angielskim, liczy 234 strony i kosztuje 8,69 €uro.
W podręczniku znaleźć można podstawowe zasady i informacje do prowadzenia kampanii rozgrywających się wśród ludzi północy, czyli Wikingów. Sporo miejsca jest poświęcone historii,legendom, mitom, potworom itp.
Welcome to Vikings of Legend, a historical source book concerning the Northmen, their myths, magic and monsters. Contained within these covers are all the basic rules and information needed to set a Legend campaign in the Viking period. Whilst a considerable amount of space is dedicated to the history and society of the Viking age, this book is merely a broad overview of these powerful and fascinating peoples. To make this unique culture more accessible, the information included within is fairly generic and perhaps anachronistic considering the length of time the Viking age spans. Included are in-depth descriptions of Viking society, religious belief, magic, supernatural creatures and so on. Vikings of Legend is designed to be the basis for not just historical games but ones of fantasy or myth too, where heroic Adventurers can fight by the side of their gods, travel to the other worlds and have divine gifts passed down to them by their fathers. Games Masters are encouraged to use this book as a springboard to dive deeper into the history and culture of the Northmen, so that they can be captivated by the sagas or explore the deeper complexities of Viking religion and government. The ideas presented here are simply guidelines. Feel free to change what you will, ignore rules, modify history. As always Your Legend May Vary. Now grab your Dane axe, turn the page and enjoy!

Tytuł: Vikings of Legend
Wydawnictwo: Moongose
Autor: Pete Nosh
Stron: 234
Format PDF
Cena: 8,69 €

Źródło: Drive Thru RPG

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