Shadowrun: Jet Set

Jet Set to nowy dodatek do gry Shadowrun, który trafił do Drive Thru RPG.
Dodatek kosztuje nieco ponad 13 Euro, liczy sobie 170 stron.

Jet Set is a campaign book that provides everything Shadowrun players and gamemasters need to stage adventures that throw them in with high society in a variety of ways. In this book, you’ll find the following sections:•The Kingdom of the Air, an in-universe section that provides information about jet setters and the way they see the world, along with information about specific members of high society and their current involvement in shadowruns. This section provides background to help players become involved in the adventures in this book.•A series of chapters that provide short adventure plots. Each adventure contains in-universe material to set up the adventure to come, individual plot points to guide gamemasters through the adventure, and character and location information used in that chapter. •Character Trove, a collection of NPC stats for characters used in this book, but also usable in other settings and adventures. 

Tytuł: Jet Set
System:Shadowrun Shadowrun, 4th Ed.
Wydawnictwo: Catalyst Game Labs
Autor: Jason M. Hardy, Devon Oratz, R.J. Thomas, Michael Wich, Robert Wieland
Stron: 170
Format PDF
Cena: 13,04 €

Źródło: Drive Thru RPG


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