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Kanadyjskie Stowarzyszenie Badania Gier opublikowało kolejną ich publikację Loading Vol 6, No 9 (2012).

Editorial-Issue 9, Volume 6 PDF
Jerremie Clyde
Guest editor Jerremie Clyde introduces our Spring 2012 issue…
Dimensions of Design

Beyond the “Historical” Simulation: Using Theories of History to Inform Scholarly Game Design. PDF
Jerremie Clyde, Howard Hopkins, Glenn Wilkinson
The authors of this paper present a case for a gamic mode of history that focuses on the construction of the historical narrative via procedural…
Designing Digital Games to Teach Road Safety: A Study of Graduate Students’ Experiences PDF
Qing Li, Richard Tay, Robert Louis
In this paper, we present a framework for designing digital educational games to teach road safety rules specific to Alberta. The framework is…
Probes and Enquiries

Playing Attention: The Hermeneutic Problems of Reading Ico Closely PDF
Peter Douglas McDonald
This article argues that paying attention to the specifics of a videogame involves a difficult problem of interpreting the meaning of repeated…
The practical and theoretical implications of flow theory and intrinsic motivation in designing and implementing exergaming in the school environment PDF
Dwayne P Sheehan, Larry Katz
Helping children develop a positive attitude toward being active for life is a primary objective for physical educators. The cultivation of an…
A Comparison of Exergaming Interfaces for Use in Rehabilitation Programs and Research PDF
Kazumoto Tanaka, J.R. Parker, Graham Baradoy, Dwayne Sheehan, John R. Holash, Larry Katz
Exergames or active video games are video games with interfaces that require active involvement and the exertion of physical force by participants….
Reflection and Review

The Dreamcast, Console of the Avant-Garde PDF
Nick Montfort, Mia Consalvo
We argue that the Dreamcast hosted a remarkable amount of videogame development that went beyond the odd and unusual and is interesting considerd…
To Automaticity and Beyond: Narrative Interpretation in Game and Novel PDF
Margaret Mackey
Common wisdom often posits that game-playing is the enemy of reading, that it offers one of a plethora of “distractions” that seduce people…

Abstracts from the 2011 Exergaming Symposium, University of Calgary. PDF
Larry Katz, Jerremie Clyde
Recent work being conducted on exergaming in the field of Canadian game studies…

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