Shadowrun: Mission: 04-06: Hard Target

Ukazała się dodatek pt. Hard Target - kolejna cześć scenariuszy do Shadowruna z większej serii przygód pod wspólnym tytułem Shadowrun: Mission. 
Be Afraid of the Dark
The Sixth World is full of dark crevasses and corners where people can hide. Where they can go when the rest of the world has told them they don’t belong. Where they can be forgotten. People who disappear into these places become secrets, whispered threats of a mysterious something that lurks just out of sight.
Some people—the normal ones, the sane ones—avoid these dark corners and any danger they might be hiding, but shadowrunners don’t have that choice. The dark corners are where they live. So when Mr. Johnson needs some information that’s hidden in one of these places, yo u know that he’s not going after it himself. He’ll send some runners instead and let them deal with whatever might be waiting for them.

Tytuł: Shadowrun: Mission: 06/04: Hard Target
Wydawnictwo: Catalyst Game Labs
System: Shadowrun
Autorzy: Ray Rigel
Stron: 32
Cena: 3.95 $

Kup produkt w Drive Thru RPG

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