Wywiad z twórcami Heroes of Neverwinter i gratisy

FlamesRising.com przeprowadził wywiad z twórcami gry Heroes of Neverwinter, gry zamieszczonej na Facebooku.
Poniżej możecie przeczytać fragment dotyczący podobieństw gry fabularnej Dungeons & Dragons i jej wersji przeglądarkowej.
Cały wywiad znajdziecie na stronie FlamesRising.com
What design challenges did you face translating tabletop gameplay to a shorter, online play style?
Fourth edition is great. If anything it makes our lives easier. This version of D&D is closer to a video game than any previous version so bringing it to Facebook was much easier than previous rulesets. That said, one of the big challenges was figuring the best way to work monetization into the game structure. We really wanted to make a game that anyone could play and we felt strongly that that meant making it free to play rather than charging for it up front. As a result we have to put in ways that the player can chip in to support the ongoing development of the title. It’s different from how D&D players are used to working so that’s been a challenge. The way I see it, this is the first time that D&D players as a whole have been given a voice in the ongoing development of a D&D game. Think of it like an indie title that asks you to donate if you liked the game. So, we try to provide positive value added options for the player to spend money in support of the title (like buying things) and we use that money to continue development. It’s a great cycle that feels like a conversation. I think the number one challenge we’ve had is getting players to understand that and really use all the power they have to make the game they want to play.
To jednak nie wszystko. Możecie otrzymać za darmo pakiet gratisów o nazwie Bundle Explorer. Co trzeba  zrobić? Odpowiedź znajdziecie właśnie na stronie FlamesRising.com.
Ze swojej strony dodam tylko że naprawdę warto, bowiem właśnie chyba za sprawą tej strony miałem możliwość grać w  grę na długo wcześniej niż mogli to pozostali użytkownicy Facebooka.

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