WFRP: Skavenblight #13

Ukazał się trzynasty numer Skavenblight Gazette - pisma głównie poświęconego Warhammerowi Battle. Na uwagę zasługują dwa niezwykłe teksty. Pierwszy to wywiad z Williamem Kingiem, drugi dotyczy genezy powstania Skavenów w uniwersum wykreowanym na potrzeby gry Warhammer.

Their birth into the hobbyist’s world happened April 12, 1986, when Skaven were introduced into Wahammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) in the spring 1986 issue of Citadel Journal. They were billed as “a new Chaos race,” and given a feature length article, with a description of their different clans, a listing of their special weapons, complete Warhammer stats and special rules, and extensive rules on the use of their magic. They were included as foes in the module ‘The Vengeance of the Lichemaster’, in which a group of monks at the monastery of La Maisontaal had stolen The Black Arc of the Covenant, described in the module as “[the Skaven’s] most sacred and powerful magical artifact.” The Arc lay within a casket that could only be opened by a warpstone key that Grey Seer Gnawdoom carried.
Numer do pobrania z tej strony.
Źródło: Pan Raziel 

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