Wayfinder # 6

Ukazał się szósty numer Wayfindera, pisma poświęconego grze fabularnej Pathfinder. Wewnątrz: opowiadania, nowe archetypy, potwory, skarby, gra planszowa Wild Hunt i wiele innych.

Spis treści:
Ice and Darkness
Weal or Woe: Ice and Darkness
A Cold Reunion
The Three Rimes
Frostwind Dancer
Hero’s Hoard: With My Spear and Magic Helmet
Of Chance and Skill: Great Hunt
Tallak: Portrait of a Warrior
Hero’s Hoard: Weapons of Legend
The Dragon-Blooded
Weal or Woe: The Cursed Hoard
The Linnorm’s Curse
Tales of the Arcane Archeologists
Of Chance and Skill: Pillars – A Game for Harrow
The Coven Guardians
Periglacial Landforms and Hazards
Hero’s Hoard: The Sampo
In Hell’s Embrace, Part IV
Hero’s Hoard: Treasure Fit for a (Linnorm) King
Words from Many Roads: Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Weal or Woe: Runners and Wreckers
Of Chance and Skill: Linnorm Bones
Ostog’s Song
Hero’s Hoard: Bag of Hungerous Bones
Spooks and Other Shady Characters of Kalsgard
Hero’s Hoard: False Draupnir
Champion of the People
Moot, A Folktale
It’s a Celebration of Pathfinder Classics!
A Call for Art! Show Us Your Best!

Wydawnictwo: Paizo
Autorzy: różni
Stron: 87
Cena: darmowy
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