Pathways #10 już dostępny

Dziesiąty numer darmowego magazynu, dedykowanego grze Pathfinder Pathways jest już do pobrania z Drive Thru RPG. Wewnątrz numeru:

Cover Image Arcagnoll
By Eric Quigley
Page 4 Table of Contents
Page 6 Editorial by David Paul

Page 8 Erudite Strangler Creature and Arcagnoll by Mike Welham;
Illustration by Eric Quigley
Page 13 Malevolent Manifestations by T. H. Gulliver
Illustrations by Joe Calkins
Page 16 Sneak Thieves By Creighton Broadhurst
Illustration by Joe Calkins
Page 19 The Fleshgrafter’s Foe By Ron Lundeen
Illustration by Jeff Preston

Page 23 Chronicles of Storm, Volume II: The Jade Renku
By Matt Banach, Illustrations by Hugo Solis and Eric Lofgren

Page 27 Twenty Questions with Jean-Philipe Chapleau!
By Steven D. Russell
Editor in Chief: Dave Paul
Advertising Manager Andrew Betts
Publisher Steven D. Russell

Page 32 In The Company of Monsters by Rite Publishing
Review by Eric Hinkle
Page 34 # Hex Crawl Chronicles 1 Valley of the Hawks-PFRPG
Version By Frog God Games
Review by Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf
Page 36 #30 Fleshgrafts By Rite Publishing \Review of Thilo
“Endzeitgeist” Graf
Page 38 Pazuzu’s Fury By Raging Swan Press
Review of Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf
Page 40 Faces of the Tarnished Souk: Kahrvass Fleymbrow, Smith of
Burning Desire By Rite Publishing
Review of Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf
Page 42 Caves & Caverns By Ragin Swan Press
Review by Dark Mistress
Page 44 101 Renegade Class Feats by Rite Publishing
Review by Dark Mistress
Page 46 Legendary Classes: The Rook by Purple Duck Games
Review by Megan Robertson
Page 48 Evocative City Sites: Barker's Circus and Sideshow
by Rite Publishing Review by Megan Robertson
Page 50 Open Game Licence

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