Paranoia: The Great Outdoors

W sklepie RPG Now pojawił się dodatek do gry Paranoia pt. The Great Outdoors.
Dodatek opisuje życie poza kopułą Alpha Complex, oraz przygodę "A Question of Balast". Dodatek liczy sobie 28 stron kosztuje 5,99$, autorem jest Gareth Hanrahan.

TRUST THE COMPUTER! THE COMPUTER IS YOUR FRIEND! All your life, you've lived inside the dome of Alpha Complex. All your life, you've been terrorised, interrogated, drugged, manipulated, brainwashed, probed, experimented on, shot at and occasionally murdered. That's still better than life Outdoors. Alpha Complex may be a dystopian nightmare, but at least it's home. There could be anything out there! Better shoot everything first. The Great Outdoors provides a comprehensive guide for Troubleshooters assigned to Outdoors sector, as well as a full mission, 'A Question of Ballast'. PARANOIA IS FUN. OTHER GAMES ARE NOT FUN. BUY PARANOIA.

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