Dungeons & Dragons: They Shall Be Paid In Coin Of The Realm

Stosunkowo niedrogi, acz ciekawy dodatek zafundowało nam wydawnictwo Taurus Twelve. Autorem jest Jarrod Camiré, dodatek nazywa się They Shall Be Paid In Coin Of The Realm, liczy sobie 98 stron i kosztuje niecałe 3$.
W PDF-ie znajdziemy masę generatorów monet, walut, ich wyglądu który może być uzależniony od planet, bóstw, ras etc.

They Shall Be Paid In Coin Of The Realm: A generator of coin designed primary with The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the 4E of D&D in mind that can nonetheless be used with any roleplaying game with a medieval flavor! Create your own money or use one example amongst the one hundred coins already available. Each one is unique and comes with a background that can always evolve into a new adventure or roleplaying opportunity. The tables and numerous symbols inside can moreover become quite useful for many other purposes in your game, such as alchemy and astrology but to name a few. One thing is sure: your players will never look at a pile of mixed pieces the same way ever again!

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