Darmowe gry: It’s Behind You!

Wydawnictwo Cakebread & Walton odpowiedzialne za takie tytuły jak: Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition i Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG z okazji świąt udostępniło za darmo grę pt. It’s Behind You!
Gracze wcielają się w rolę mimów grających w kiepskiej pantomimie. Wśród "profesji" znalazły się takie jak np.  Heroine, Dame, Love Interest, Magical Creature lub Popular Icon.
“It’s Behind You!” (IBY) is a simple and light-hearted role-playing game, where the players pretend to be Characters in a pantomime. A typical game or “performance” shouldn’t last longer than a few hours. IBY is set firmly in the English pantomime tradition – where nearly everyone cross-dresses; every other sentence is a pun; the hero constantly slaps their own thighs, sings soulful ballads and ends up marrying into royalty; the villain is hissed and booed; dames wear big frilly bloomers, which are routinely exposed to the world; and people can disappear from plain sight by hiding “behind you”. Panto is a mixture of traditional fairy-tale and whimsical drivel, sauciness and silliness – if such fare is not your cup of tea, then stop reading. You are probably a whole and sane individual, so don’t waste your time here. If you are happy to forget your blushes and indulge in utter nonsense...cool – this is the game for you, read on. A “performance” (a single session of IBY) should tell a complete traditional panto story (or a non-traditional panto story, if you’re feeling brave). The story is told by a Narrator (the games master, who sets the scene and interprets the rules) and Characters (the alter egos of the players of the game). Unlike in a real panto, the Narrator and the players can change the story as they go along, visit different locations and generally have fun playing over-the-top Characters in the cheesy world of festive theatre. The Narrator is responsible for setting the scene, moving on the action, determining the actions of any of the cast of the panto not directly controlled by the players, and making any final decisions involving the rules of the game (such as they are). The players all get to pretend to be panto Characters. The Narrator’s say is final, but a good Narrator will manage the performance so that all the Characters get a good part in that performance. Good players should wish to collaborate with the- 3 - Narrator to create an amusing tale.

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