Darmowe gry: Cascade Failure

Cascade Failure to kolejna gra niezwykle kreatywnego projektanta Grega Christophera, która trafiła do Drive Thru RPG. Podobnie jak wszystkie inne gry Grega (fenomenalne Synapse) jest darmowa. Cascade Failure to postapokaliptyczne RPG przyszłości. W następstwie niszczycielskiej wojny zawaliła się międzygwiezdna gospodarka, zaś BG by przetrwać zostają rzuceni w niebezpieczne i wrogie rejony wszechświata.

Cascade Failure is a post-apocalypse future RPG. Set in the aftermath of a devastating war that collapsed the interstellar economy, Cascade Failure is a survival RPG that casts the characters out into a dangerous and hostile universe. The game is built on a rugged OGL chassis that is melded with a variety of new subsystems to round out your character. You can jump into unique character classes like the Kinetic that can move objects with their mind or into a unique alien species like the insectoid Sahael with a hardened exoskeleton and powerful mandibles for biting attacks. The Cascade Failure universe was once rich with technology and as a survivor you will struggle to bring it back online. Learn to pilot mechs, hovercraft, starfighters, foil-based watercraft, and more. Enhance your body with cybernetics or through the consumption of powerful pharmaceuticals left over from the before times. There is even a species of robotic Golems that are literally living and thinking technology. If you enjoy the post-apocalypse genre, but tire of endless deserts and mutants, Cascade Failure can provide an alternative. Check it out! It's free!

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