BattleTech: kolejne dodatki w Drive Thru RPG

Catalyst Game Labs dodało do internetowego sklepu Drive Thru RPG kolejne dodatki.

BattleTech: A Bonfire of Worlds $4.99 
The failure of interstellar communications threatens civilization across the breadth of the Inner Sphere. Risking everything on one last chance for survival, ComStar kidnaps engineering genius Tucker Harwell who unwravels the Blackout’s greatest mystery. Among the Clans, Khan Malvina Hazen of the Jade Falcons hunts for the next enemy to crush beneath her brutal Mongol Doctrine, and the warrior Alaric Wolf makes his move into the halls of power. Plans years in the making come together across hundreds of star systems. Secrets hidden for decades will finally be revealed. While an empire goes up in flames.

BattleTech: Wolves on the BorderFrom Catalyst Game Labs$4.99 
Bushido governs all these concepts. As a MechWarrior of the Draconis Combine, Monobu Tetsuhara was bound by Bushido—a code that demands loyal service—to the devious Warlord Grieg Samsonov. But when Minobu came upon a strange blue-and-gold Archer, the field littered with its vanquished opponents and its weapons now empty, Bushido also dictated that he not destroy the honorable but helpless warrior. And so he rescued Jaime Wolf. Minobu was then assigned as liaison to the Wolf’s Dragoons, one of the Combine’s most elite mercenary units, who treated him with the respect due a fellow warrior. When the mercenaries refused to renew their contract with Samsonov, Minobu was indstructed to destroy them. Now Bushido dictates that Minobu oppose his honorable foe, a man with whom he has served and who deserves far batter than betrayal…

BattleTech: HexPacks: HexPack Promotion #1 $0.00
An expanded PDF of additional pre-constructed buildings, and DropShip record sheets, based upon the rules sheet found in the DropShip Promotional HexTile connected to HexPack: Cities and Roads.

BattleTech: Riposte $4.99
Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner have united two Great Houses of the Inner Sphere in a marriage that suddenly upsets the balance of power among the stars. Though some hope this may bring an end to centuries of war, Maximilian Liao of the Capellan Confederation has enlisted the aid of two highly placed Davion traitors to destroy Hanse Davion and the Federated Suns from both within and without. But in the distant star chambers of the Capellan March and Draconis Combine, the Warlords of Maximilian Liao are honoring a different and more deadly vow: to wage an unholy war that threatens to rip asunder the vulnerable worlds of the Federated Suns. As Davion ‘Mech commander Andrew Redburn and his mercenaries streak into battle, an explosive clash of metal and men signals the return of a formidable foe. Interstellar legend Yorinaga Kurita has returned to stake his claim as the most bloodthirsty warrior of all. For both men it is do-or-die combat that could ensure the triumph of a glorious new alliance—or result in its total annihilation…

BattleTech: En Garde $1.99
Stripped of his rank, exiled Justin Allard is given one last chance to save his honor—by risking his life in the gladiatorial arenas of Solaris VII. But his newest Game World opponent—more skilled at ‘Mech-to-’Mech combat than any other rival—raises the stakes even higher. It’s Justin’s own half brother, Daniel, lance commander in the dreaded Kell Hounds mercenary battalion. But Daniel has more serious worries than dealing with his estranged and bitter brother. Princess Melissa Steiner, heir apparent of the Lyran Commonwealth, has been hijacked-and the future of the Inner Sphere depends on her fate. Both Daniel and Justin face fierce battles, but in the Inner Sphere, where nobles have schemed for centuries to win the ultimate power, those who interfere with the Successor Lords are sometimes called heroes. And sometimes called victims.

BattleTech: The Warrior Trilogy $9.99
BLOOD AND TREASON! ENGARDE RIPOSTE COUPE The marriage of Hanse Davion to Melissa Steiner unites two Great Houses, upsetting the balance of power among the stars. While some hope this may bring an end to centuries of warfare, dark forces rally in an effort to destory this union before it is even born. Welcome back to the Inner Sphere—where BattleMechs rule the day, betrayal is state policy, and a spy’s loyalty is always for sale.

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