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Pyramid #3/38: The Power of Myth
Autorzy: Sam ChUPP , Genevieve R. Cogman , David Edelstein , Jo Hart , Joshua Mosquiera , Derek Pearcy i S. John Ross
147-stronicowy PDF (12,4 MB)
 7,99 $
Absconded from the Heavens, Delivered unto You!
From the dawn of civilization to the gaming tables of today, this month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- draws upon the "Power of Myth" for inspiration. When they speak of this issue's contents generations from now, they will be sure to mention: "The Golden Geniza of Ezkali," an exciting adventure outline for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. Written by Matt Riggsby (author of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables), this legendary locale includes four traps that revolve around a real-world conundrum faced when deciphering ancient tales. It comes with a map for each room, plus an HTML game aid to help make life easier for the GM. "Seven Mythical Artifacts for Dungeon Fantasy," which harnesses the legends of old and turns them into awesome loot for crypt-crawling GURPS heroes. Learn the secrets of Aegis, the Golden Fleece, the Helm of Hades, and more! "Baba Yaga," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Fourth Edition co-author David Pulver. David offers his unique take on this powerful witch (complete with GURPS stats). It also presents stats on her legendary hut -- using GURPS Spaceships! "The Bear Myth," a look at a surprisingly common trope that unifies a large number of cultures. Awaken from your torpor and learn its secrets. "Babylon Rising," a systemless modern-day urban-fantasy campaign outline that starts with war in the Middle East and moves to the Mesopotamian gods walking the Earth. How it ends is up to you . . . This setting can work alone or in conjunction with "The New Kingdom" from Pyramid #3/7: Urban Fantasy. "Art of Prophecy," a look at reading the future and those who try. If you are touched by such gifts, you already know how useful this article is . . . This Pyramid also presents Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, a Murphy's Rules that's fuzzy on the details, and more. With Pyramid, the power is in your hands!

GURPS WWII Classic: Return to Honor
Autor: Brian J. Underhill
51-stronicowy PDF (10,0 MB)
2,99 $
Tragédie Et Courage! Experience the agony of 1940 and the exultation of 1945 with the rest of war-torn France in GURPS WWII: Return to Honor! From the proud Free French to dark Vichy henchmen, inside you'll find: The war as it impacted France, tearing apart society as well as the national borders. French fighting forces, from the 1940 army that met defeat to the Vichy and Free French units that replaced it, and many more. The history, networks, and goals of the underground Resistance. French weaponry, from the most formidable tank of the early war to the most sophisticated auto. Campaign notes for a variety of French experiences, from the Foreign Legion to the furtive dealings of the Resistance. A divided country awaits rescue from its savage occupier. Are you gallant enough to take up the cause?

GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor 
Autor: Dan Howard
21-stronicowy plik PDF (1,1 MB)
5,99 $
The Best Defense Every low-tech fighter (and every gamer!) knows that the secret to surviving slings and arrows -- not to mention swords, musket balls, and dragon bites -- is a good suit of armor. GURPS Low-Tech and GURPS Low-Tech Companion 2: Weapons and Warriors deliver handsomely in that department . . . but it can take a lot of number-juggling to get costs and weights for the bits you want, and some page-flipping to find the options you desire. GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor offers defenses against both these annoyances and battlefield dangers. The heart of the work is a complete set of armor tables for torso, arm, leg, head, neck, hand, and foot armor; for sub-locations like the abdomen, groin, and bits of the arms and legs; and for five helmet patterns. Each table lists only the armor materials that suit the body part in question, and adjusts TL when a material is available earlier or later than usual in that role. Every piece of armor comes with DR, cost, and weight, as well as the realistic time needed to don it and a Holdout penalty that accounts for DR, flexibility, and design. But that's not all! You also get: Materials and Modifications Tables. Handy summaries that let you quickly determine the options available at your TL, how they affect cost, and how they adjust the stats in the armor tables. Helmet Designs. Ready-to-use examples of complicated historical headgear, illustrating how the system can be used to create some classic helmets. Optional Rules. Answers to a variety of questions, from "How much does it cost to armor only my vitals?" to "Can I sleep in armor?" If you've ever been frustrated trying to armor your TL0-4 warriors, then Low-Tech: Instant Armor is for you! Low-Tech: Instant Armor is a supplement to GURPS Low-Tech, but the armor stats within would be useful in any TL0-4 GURPS campaign. 

Transhuman Space Classic: Orbital Decay
Autor: Patrick Sweeney
36-stronicowy plik PDF (6,4 MB)
2,99 $
Vandegrift Station, a top-secret orbital research lab, has suddenly stopped all transmissions. Why has the station gone silent? Where did all the bio-tech researchers go? What's that clawing at the airlock? Transhuman Space: Orbital Decay includes maps and stats of a typical orbital facility, character descriptions, and an adventure for up to six 200-point Transhuman Space characters, either biological or cybershell.
In Nomine Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy 
Autorzy: Sam Chupp, Genevieve R. Cogman, David Edelstein, Jo Hart, Joshua Mosquiera, Derek Pearcy i S. John Ross
147-stronicowy PDF
Take The Long View . . . Work in the present to create the future. Herein find four Archangels who are more concerned with the future than the present. Meet Gabriel, Archangel of Fire, living in her self-imposed seclusion, searing mortal minds with divine inspiration. Khalid, the newly-returned Archangel of Faith, certain his cause is right yet unsure of his place in Heaven. Blandine, Archangel of Dreams, who has forsaken the councils of angels to explore the mysterious Marches. And Yves, the enigmatic Archangel of Destiny, who knows the potential for good in mortals and celestials alike. Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy includes: New attunements, Distinctions, and Rites for each Archangel. The Truth about each Superior . . . explained by both friends and enemies. The duties and organization of the Servitors of Fire, Faith, Dreams, and Destiny. How each Archangel interacts with his peers, both in Heaven and in the Realms Below. Alternate versions of each Superior for non-canon campaigning. Adventure seeds, from the most glorious cities of Heaven to the most squalid slums of Earth.

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