Preview SIFRP Chronicle Starter

Można już pobrać preview (pierwsze cztery strony) Song of Ice and Fire Chronicle Starter, nadchodzącego podręcznika z Green Ronin Publishing

SIFRP Chronicle Starter ma liczyć sobie 128 czarno białych stron i kosztować 15$ (PDF) i 25$ w wersji drukowanej.
To get the full experience of A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, you must play a chronicle and engage in the Game of Thrones. With a setting as rich as Westeros though, where do you begin? The answer is the Chronicle Starter. This useful sourcebook details six sample houses, any of which can be run by the Player Characters. Choose your house and allegiance (Arryn, Baratheon, Frey, Lannister Stark, or Tully) or make up your own house and make allies or enemies of those provided. The Chronicle Starter also includes a complete scenario so you can kick off your adventures right away. Get ready to make your mark on the Seven Kingdoms!
Pozostając w temacie warto odwiedzić blog George'a R.R. Martina gdzie pisze kilka zdań o o komputerowych adaptacjach Pieśni Lodu i Ognia.

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