Game Studies, Volume 11 issue 2

Jesper Juul na łamach swojej strony Ludologist poinformował o nowym numerze Game Studies issues 11/02.
W majowym numerze znalazły się cztery dłuższe teksty, pozostałą cześć wypełniają recenzje książek.

Interactivity, Inhabitation and Pragmatist Aesthetics
by Phillip D. Deen

Pragmatist philosophy of art provides an account of aesthetic experience particularly suited to the transactive and immersive qualities of video games and superior to spectatorial and institutional alternatives. It also distinguishes between mere emotion and artistic expression, providing a response to those who assert games cannot be aesthetic.

Bishojo Games: ‘Techno-Intimacy’ and the Virtually Human in Japan
by Patrick W. Galbraith

This paper offers an in-depth analysis of bishojo games. Observing that interactions with shojo characters are central to the play experience, and building on Thomas LaMarre’s discussion of a free or open relation to technology grounded by the shojo as “god,” the paper considers what it means for players to interact intimately with gaming machines.

The Leisure of Serious Games: A Dialogue
by Geoffrey M. Rockwell, Kevin Kee

In this dialogue, performed at a conference, the presenters test the claim that “games can be educational”. They draw on the insights of philosophers and theorists in an attempt to provoke discussion, and eventually agree that the line separating games and learning may be blurry, and that in game design we may find the seeds of serious play.

Subjective Measures of the Influence of Music Customization on the Video Game Play Experience: A Pilot Study
by Alexander Wharton, Karen Collins

The Xbox 360 introduced the ability for players to substitute a personal music playlist into any game produced for the console. We carried out a smalls study to explore the influence that a player’s selection of music has on both gameplay tactics and on their reported perceived levels of immersion.
Numer znaleźć można w tym miejscu.
Źródło: Ludologist

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