Tweetly Weekly #2

Drugi, tygodniowy, subiektywny przegląd z mojego twittera.

pwrzosinGReader shared: A New Interface for Google Books [via feedly]

Setting up RPG Groups for Kids | GeekDad 7 Steampunk Resources

del_rpg4e Monster Math Cruncher -

del_rpgWeekly World News - Google Books: All *kinds* of inspiration!

GreatDismalArchitect's Brother [thanks to Paul McAuley]

SJGamesDaily Illuminator: Unboxing Frag Gold Edition (

Strike_To_StunThoughts about WFRP: #WFRP

gryfabularneS: Konkurs Zielonej Wie|y: Klan Zielona Wie|a postanawia przeprowadzi szybki konkurs z jedn nagrod. Tak jak..

nefthegreyWspomnien czar.

unclebear - Age of Conan

drozdal this is a book that I'm planning to get in the near future.

GreatDismalFollowing @TehranBureau

JohnnFourRoleplaying Tips survey is about to close. Last chance to answer 10 quick questions about the future of the ezine:

del_rpgRole Playing Games Hub

mythicdesignFollow our RPG Blog and win Free Books (See right hand column of link for details) --> http://mythicdesignblog.blo...

del_rpgGeekDad: Five Great Blogs About Role-Playing Games

GreatDismalI'm following the Guardian's Iran blog:

thecoremechanicOld School #DND Survey Results now available on TCM Please RT!

del_rpgRPG Laboratory

jacktheownerYes, I started a new blog It's about rpg, anime, video games, and free on-line flash games. Enjoy!

del_rpgThe Elder Scrolls Nexus - Oblivion mods and community

del_rpgFree Online Graph Paper / Hexagonal

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